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Thread: Clay grounds Oxfordshire

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    Clay grounds Oxfordshire

    Does any body know of any clay grounds south oxfordshire - Wallingford / Henley / / Oxford area that will be open over the holiday.

    Many thanks

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    Clay Grounds


    You could try

    Oxford Gun
    Jericho Farm,
    Oxford Road,
    HP18 9RG
    01844 238308


    Hornet Gun Club
    Long Crendon
    Sporting, Fitasc.
    Tel: (01494) 883715

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    churchills is good.

    it's near high wycombe, not far from henley.

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    just north of J14 m4.

    its not easy mind

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    This ones got a 120 bird sporting on the 27th not too far away.

    EJ Churchill & The Oxford Gun Company are the closest to Henley/Wallingford.

    Personally we make the trek up to Sporting Targets as IMHO its one of the best clay grounds in the country & you don't get bothered by anyone as all the traps are automatic & you trap yourself with an auto counter.


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