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Thread: Shingles...ouch!

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    Hi guys
    I woke up last Thursday with a feint rash (about 3x1 inches) on my stomach, it didn't seem to be much at the time and wasn't irritating me, I thought I had better get it looked at all the same, I tried to get a Doctors appointment but the earliest I could get was today (Monday) some four days later. A further rash has since appeared on my back and both rashes have become painful and far more prominent in the last 24 hours.

    My GP today confirmed it to be Shingles - which is an infection of the nerve area and surrounding skin, I was prescribed a high dose of Aciclovir tablets (800mg 5 times a day) these tablets apparently are an Antiviral medicine and act on infected cells by stopping the virus growing.

    All I know is the rashes are a constant annoyance and quite painful too, apparently the rashes 'should' last about 10 days before dying away, though a quick search on the internet reveals some horror stories with people being affected for different periods of time, some of which have lasted months! If the infection is transferred to the eyes then this can cause serious problems even leading to blindness apparently!.... I am wondering whether I should be walking around with a bell on my back shouting "unclean!"

    Has anybody suffered from shingles on here I wonder? If so have you any advice you could pass on please?
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    never had shingles/chicken pox, dont want it dont wish it on anyone ,dont quote me on this but i heard it can reoccur glad your in wales. hope you get better soon atb ,doug.

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    Had it about 15 yrs ago, it was proper **** for a couple of weeks but cleared up after that. Wasn't given the anti biotic as I didn't get to the docs quick enough. Was given cocodamol but didn't take that for long as it sent me on a bit of a trip!

    all the best with it, it will pass.

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    I had it in my eye and head and I can definitely sympathise with you mate.

    get better soon............Martin

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    Had it about 4 years ago.

    I was given similar medicine such as yourself, make sure you take them regularly it stops the virus from progressing to the horror stories you heard about.

    But try and keep clear of folks who haven't had Chicken Pox that's all, my dose cleared up in about 2 weeks.

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    Chicken pox at four and shingles at sixteen. Just don't all! It will get better.

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    Yes, had them about 15 years ago and they did return. Didn't get antibiotics just some lotion to soothe the itchiness. Bloody waste of time!
    Remember the blood from the sores started coming through my shirt and having to sit on my hands trying not to scratch.
    Good luck and get well soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scots_stalker View Post
    Thanks for the link above and to all the replies guys, it's early days yet but if it doesn't get any worse then I have got off lightly compared to some people, funnily my GP mentioned that the tablets I was prescribed cost 120 a course when they first came out, I asked the pharmacist at the chemists if this was the case, he mentioned that these tablets are a generic version which now only cost about 10 a course, this got me thinking that maybe GP's are prescribing medicines with one eye on the cost and therefore not necessarily the more effective but costlier alternative.

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    I had shingles about 15 years ago - I had been travelling a lot for work and came back one weekend with the start of a rash. Apparently you are more prone when you are run down and stressed out....

    It got rapidly and progressively worse, with blisters across my back. We were away that weekend (Tunbridge Wells, and yes, I was angry) so I went to A&E. They prescribed the same drugs as your GP prescribed you.

    It cleared up within 10 days and hasn't resurfaced, though having mentioned that you just know what's going to happen now.....

    Make sure you take the full course of drugs and it will get better.


    P.S. Re: your subsequent post, yes, with everyone fund holding I think there is often one eye on the cost and another on clinical need. That said, many of the generics are simply replacing drugs whose patents or licences had expired. Drug companies need to recoup huge R&D costs, but there then comes a time when the same medication needs to be made more accessible through generics.
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