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Thread: Dark days ahead for English Rugby

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    Dark days ahead for English Rugby

    Competitive or non-competitive was the topic this morning on BBC Breakfast. It came down to the fact that they wanted to change the way that rugby was played in schools so that everyone can take part in the sport. For example, there won't be a winning or a loosing team, they will mixup the 'good' players with the 'bad' players, so that everyone get some play time. So there is no urge to win, because no matter what, the result will still be the same.

    One of the coaches actually said: 'this is the problem with England, we are getting to soft...'

    I thought that is why there is an A-team, B-team and C-team, depending on your skill you will play in one of these categories.

    Anyway, it might just be because I'm from South Africa and a bit rugby mad that this is getting to me, but I can't see that this is a good thing for the future.

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    It's not just in rugby mate that sums this country's attitude up with most things I'm afraid!! We can't be seen to have winners because it may up set someone or we can't do this because it may infringe this right or that right!! See you've got me going now lol well In my day if you where crap at sport you were incurged to try by not at the expense of the exceptional players and if you lost you tried harder next time . But there again I got banned from playing because I played to rough with the teachers and lost my chance of try outs.

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    Even crap like that might lead to it being played more in state schools. If it does then something good could come from it.

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    This must be a joke I thought we were moving away from this PC nonsense. They might do this at the schools but the clubs will never do anything non competitive.

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    Our Welsh rugby is in a dark place ATM. More worrying its not the schools but the different managements determined to knacker it

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    One of the crimes of my generation is I went to through the whole of my school career and never touched a rugby ball! We were just told to grab a football and have a kick around, which I hated.

    I also remember looking longingly at the cricket pads in the storeroom at school and never seeing them out on the field, I never got to play cricket and even now have to look up the rules on google!

    Hence why I am very careful where I send my kids to school

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    My lad plays Rugby League, no such nonsense here!

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    Some bright spark once said that " Its not just the winning, but it`s the taking part that counts" ...... what a load of B@ll@cks ....... winning is everything when it comes to rugby, that`s why you have two sides from different towns cities and countries knocking seven bells out of each other, to WIN!

    We need to get rid of the make do attitude that`s appeared into our society and get our country back to winning ways and not just in sport!


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    I agree that you have to have that winning mentality. I'm a great fan of rugby in all it's forms, having been schooled in the south and playing RU and then moving up north and getting to know RL. At the highest levels, club and country, the game should be about winning. Down the lower divisions, it should also be about winning. But one of the big things about rugby has always been that it's a game that any person (tall, short, big, small) can aspire to play (in Union more so). Look at the likes of Neil Back - too small to play as a flanker they said. Became a member of one of the best back rows the world has seen. (I could give examples from any country of people who have overcome physical drawbacks and been successful).

    The way to get kids involved is to make it interesting and fun. At an early age, full contact rugby isn't on. Plus, it is at those early ages that you do need to get everyone involved because quite often the geeky, weedy kid turns into the fastest winger and the overweight young slob turns out to be the most destructive prop. So the desire to win should be nurtured gradually alongside a love of the game, with participation by all, touch rugby, followed by competitive school teams that you can get into if you're the best and progressing.

    Obviously one or two threads on here inspired by the imminent 6 Nations. Anyway, I'll be making my annual pilgrimage daan saaf to watch the Ireland game at Twickenham. For sure, I want England to win! (other nations are available).

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    This makes me so sad, that we've come to the stage of even discussing this no wonder any of our youngsters are apathetic about voting with this sort of crap going on, I just find it hard to believe anybody realy listens to this crap or worse that some idiot thought it up. It's like the American girl that complained about the deer crossing signs on the freeway saying that they should move the signs somewhere safer for the deer to cross?? Can our administrators realy be this dimm, rugby is a competitive sport or did someone not tel them that?

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