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Thread: Garda Sochna another result

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    Garda Sochna another result

    More excellent work by the Garda

    Convictions for illegal hunting with Lurchers - we have just received the following statement from the National Parks and Wildlife Service regarding the conviction of Thomas Byrne, Woodside, Hackettstown, Co. Carlow, Shane Neilan, Cilluragh, Ballinruan, Co. Clare and Barry O'Neill 1 Quinngardens, Co. Clare under the wildlife acts for illegal hunting with Lurchers. In addition to the fines Gardai also revoked a number of firearm licenses.

    NPWS Statement

    Three men were found... guilty in Bray District Court on Thursday 19 December 2013 of offences against the Wildlife Act (Sec 44 1 a - hunting on land without permission and 69 7A - use of a mechanical vehicle to aid the commission of an offence). They were: Mr. Thomas Byrne, Woodside, Hackettstown, Co. Carlow, Mr. Shane Neilan, Cilluragh, Ballinruan, Co. Clare and Mr. Barry O'Neill 1 Quinngardens, Co. Clare. Mr. Byrne was fined 1500 on each charge (because it is a second offence for him). The others were fined 750 each per charge as they were first offences for each of them. The men were seen lamping on National Park lands at Kippure East on 17 January 2011. They had two greyhound/lurcher type dogs with them. Mr. Neilan is appealing the conviction.

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    Decent fines there.Hats off to the Garda
    Hopefully it may discourage others but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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    At least the police there are doing something about it.
    The few roe i had on one of my permissions have now gone almost certainly due to running dogs
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Huge respect to the Garda Siachana, now come over here and get te job done.

    Please Send over Colm Meaney - best Irish cop ever. He'd take no prisoners and crack a few skulls

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    Send Brendan Cheadle too - excellent in the Guard

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    grey hound lurched types, should of gone for the suluki cross pit, they would have been in and out before the Garda arrived.

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