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Thread: Sea eagles

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    Sea eagles

    I see there is some more stuff going on in the press about sea eagles with the bottom line being that "the usual suspects" want more of them, and are intending to try and make this happen.

    I get to see a fair few sea eagles and golden eagles and, ignoring all the other angles in the debate, my observation is that the sea eagles are displacing the golden eagles and have been doing so for a few years now. On talking this over with someone who I consider to be very knowledgeable on such matters he was of the view that he was seeing the same thing and he had an interesting observation to add. He was of the view that the Hebrides, where I see the eagles, were at the edge of the natural range for these birds and, therefore, that although they were native to the area their numbers were never very high, in effect they had never been common in the area.

    Is anyone else seeing the same thing? Any thoughts?

    Of course the big concern about the displacement of the golden eagles, apart from the damage to the eagles themselves, is that very soon the RSPB or some other nutter organisation are going to spot this and they are going to try and pin the blame on some innocent person minding their own business. At no point are they going to admit that forcing sea eagle numbers into the hundreds of pairs might just be at the root of the problem and, of course, they are also going to want to try and maximise the income potential of the situation with maximum media coverage and some poor crofter or gamekeeper for the public to "hate" and "blame."
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    sea eagle pate is the answer
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Big predators will always push out the smaller ones - well documented that Eagles equals fewer buzzards and other raptors.

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