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Thread: New V's 2nd hand rifles

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    New V's 2nd hand rifles

    Not wanting to hijack someone else's thread, I thought I would start a new one.

    Has anyone ever bought a gun say from gun mart without actually holding it in the flesh? Would it be a massive leap of faith to take the sellers word as to the condition of it? At the end of the day unless the barrel was absolutely rotten, would most of us even know if the gun had 1000 rounds through it or 5000 rounds.

    I very nearly bought a 2nd hand Remmy 700BDL without seeing it but chickened out in the end.


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    Personally I would never buy a used rifle/gun unseen unless off someone that I knew and trusted implicitly. I have heard several stories of people distance buying an unseen rifle and having it transferred to a local dealer only to have problems. I think you were wise to chicken out.
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    bought a rifle off here without looking at it, it depends on how much you are spending.

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    I've bought two 2nd hand rifles and 1 shotgun off Guntrader without seeing them in the flesh.

    All were exactly as described.

    I did ring up and talk to the seller in every case, and asked for additional photos. Their willingness to take the extra photos and their attitude/manner on the phone made all the difference with inspiring confidence.

    I also bought from shops with a web presence, where I think there is an awareness that if things go wrong for the buyer, theire reputation can suffer.

    Finally, check the law with regard to returns of items bought online/by post: you have quite a generous amount of time to return things if they aren't as advertised.

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    I've bought a few and never had a major issue, one had a bit of crown damage but no big deal to remedy, all have been accurate enough.



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    I bought a 22lr winchester on spec from one of our fine british gun shops, supposedly in "A1 condition"........
    funny how both I and my gunsmith felt it should be condemned as it was totally unsafe when it finally arrived with us!
    ...also funny how the gun shop who sent it didn't want to have it sent back to them, and told us to scrap it. Fortunately I did get a refund, but largely I suspect as I paid by credit card so I had some leverage.
    that said, a friend on here bought a drilling through eguns from a dealer in Germany and the service and guarantees he received were second to none, so it all depends on your gut feeling and trust.
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    I suppose it's going to depend on what you want it for and what you expect.
    I bought a 2nd hand rifle from an ad on this site without seeing or handling it. I accept it with all the dings and scrapes and past owners' modifications because that's like having its history written all over it. For me, that's part of the appeal. I bought it as a tool to do a job. Provided I hold it straight and point it in the right direction it will hit what it's pointed at. A half inch either way is neither here nor there in real life. Maybe it would be better for being re-crowned, but that's a minor detail.
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    hi i have just bought 17 hmr cz on line and 223 tikka hunter no problems, ok a little scratch or rub here and there but i expect that there s/hand,its up to me now to put my mark on them ,as long as they shoot thats good with me ,both standard guns tho no remodeling. atb doug. by the way dont tell my .missus
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    I bought a 223 from a chap in Scotland sight unseen. No problems at all.
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    I haven't bought anything from anybody on this site as yet, but I have bought 280 odd items on ebay. Of them, I've had trouble with only two items. Pretty much everything is as described. The one problem was something from China (what did I expect?) and the other was a man who just disappeared off the net. I rather thought it was because he became ill or died, so didn't push it for something not very expensive.

    I know there's been a few threads on here about people not getting items or similar problems but I believe the vast majority of people are honest. I'd have no qualms about buying items on here. But having said that, if you're buying a rifle/shotgun or something else, ideally I'd like to see it and if not possible, like Mungo (had any telegrams recently?) some good quality photos would make me more confident.

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