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Thread: Highseats

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    Over the last year or so I have gained considerable pleasure in stalking from high seats. On my ground here in Aberdeenshire I have two high seats, a lean too and a free standing one which I bought through the sporting press. They are both made of metal and require little maintenance.

    I have decided to put more on my ground both free standing and lean to. However, on looking at the price of them I thought I may get more pleasure out of building them my self rather than buying them, especially those made from timber. I have seen the odd picture of them in the sporting press. I was wondering if any SD chaps have made any and if so can advise me where I can get a set of plans from?

    It was a long time ago since I passed GCE "O" leval woodwork but I rather fancy having a try.

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    Just remember to brace, and consider loaded 'points' and you cant go wrong.



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    and remember for the lean too type to pick a good

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    get hold of ian f from this site he runs courses on building wooded highseats so if its plans you want send him a pm he may be able to help


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    Looks like it could have been hit by a Ford ranger..

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    This seat is built from easily available materials. It stands on 4x8' posts so floor height is 8' Shooting rail about 11' Construction less than a day with a sliding chopsaw to cut the treads. If of interest I can do a sketch of the design. I also have a couple here (west Lothian)without ground to use them on. Always ready to talk not necessarily money Jim

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    Always ready to talk not necessarily money
    If you give me your number I'll talk dirty if ya want 8)

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    Quote Originally Posted by apollo
    and remember for the lean too type to pick a good

    I wouldn't of liked to have been sat in the metal seat!

    - Begs the question - why two seats!?

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    Knocked this up with no plans, just make it up as you go along the only things you need to think about is a means of securing it and setting the height of the shooting rail to suit you.

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