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Thread: A new knife.....

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    A new knife.....


    I'm going to treat myself to a new knife(s) for working in the field whilst stalking/general shooting. So it/they will need to be a bit of an all-rounder...or more specialised.

    I currently use a Gerber lock-knife for my general stuff (lamping- rabbit gutting etc. as it has a rubber handle and a 4" blade - doesn't stay very sharp for long (Portland steel) Then i use a 3" fixed bladed Buck again with a rubber handle for my main stalking knife.

    I know its horses for courses but, i would like to know what you guys are using as Iíve looked at loads of different makes/types and sizes.

    Any info appreciated -


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    Hi Tom

    Something with a brightly coloured handle might be advantageous as ive managed to loose another knife this week..

    I like the HELLE knives from Norway but dont like the feeling going home without it..


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    Try this chap, JES Hand crafted knives. I`ll try and find his website for you.
    Jes will make a knife to your specific requirements.

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    try the FROST range of knives i have two both carbon blades they sharpen up like a razor hold the edge well ,and are cheap to buy. i would love one of those hand made ones but am terrified of looseing one ...neil

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    +1 for frosts

    stainless clipper is the best knife ever. Well damn good anyway.

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    I've got two frosts that sit in the LR - they are used to finish off and cleaning up deer - Got a MORA too (bit like the HELLA's) - that's at home in the garage ready for larder work.

    (All the lardering kit is DICK) - i believe in buying once!

    Its a Field / knife to have on the belt.....hmmmm (scratchy head icon needed!)


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    Buck Hunter 110 is what you are after. Heinnie Haynes have them in stock.

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    buck 110 best knife on the market. buck put a new blade in mine this year for 10 dollars .

    including post.

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    im with frost mora sweden

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    Do a search for 'EKA Swingblade'. Once used, you won't go back.

    Watch the video on youtube.

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