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    I know it`s not stalking related but none the less has brought a smile to my face and thought i might just share my enjoyment.

    RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are number 1 in the charts. After an internet campaign to stop the dreaded X factor song becoming Christmas number 1.

    If nothing else it`s brought a little excitement to the normally boring charts.

    For those of you not familair with the group, they don`t stand for being told what to do and say, with the end of the song verse saying, F**K YOU I WON`T DO AS YOU TELL ME, which is repeated a number of times.

    AAAHH, i think i`ll go find the album out and sit and listen to it with a cup of tea.



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    Aup Wadas

    I said the very same thing to my sat nav just before my nose hit the screen up at Malcs

    Anything keeping X factor out the charts would be a godsend..

    Have a great Xmas mate



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    Brilliant was wondering if they would beat that arseh*le Cowel and his muckers

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1
    Aup Wadas

    I said the very same thing to my sat nav just before my nose hit the screen up at Malcs

    Have a great Xmas mate

    Have a great one yourself Terry mate.


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    Of course it could all be a big stitch up job. According to Radio 1 yesterday I believe both groups are on labels owned by S'cowelly.
    Still I'd rather have Rage than anyone from 'I'm an X-man get me out of this dancing celebrities bush/jungle'.

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    RATM are an awesome band... hope they tour again!!

    a little bit political in there opinions like

    all the better for keeping Joe off the top of the charts!!

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    thank heavens there are sensible people in this world!..ish. Let's get the Foo Fighters there next year Wadas. Start the campaign now! If they could do a deer related track then even better.

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    just got the card cheers Wadas you made the postman grin anyway

    He sealed it with a kiss and the statement "Aids test results don't make any plans into the distant future Rob" cheers mate

    There will be time next year 8)

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