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Thread: Price of rabbits

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    Price of rabbits

    Friend of mine was at Melton Market this morning and he said a 'couple' of rabbits sold for 17 + 10% market commission. They have been slowly increasing in price week by week. Crazy!

    Is anyone seeing the same in their part of uk?

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    im lucky to get 1-50, were is melton market .

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    Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. Fur & feather market on Tuesday mornings in season.

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    Ferreted rabbits gutted in the skin I get 1.50 for

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    We're buying in at moment from market/wholesalers around 2 -3 and selling on at 5.50. Getting cleanly shot and nicely dressed is getting harder though.

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    Rabbits. 2.00 head shot or ferreted, .50p any other means like body or shotgun

    Venison 1.95 per pound. (Best price I have ever had)

    This is what I am getting from my local chap, takes as much as you can supply including any game as well

    PS. how far is Melton market from kent
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    3.50 round our way. Big demand,, no supply

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    17 is for a live rabbit ...right?

    2.50 dressed headshot
    could probably get more if I did the rounds but I don't have a huge volume and I would rather have a nice butcher buying than have to deal with teethsucking scrooge butchers who complain about everything and you have to prise the cash out of their hands!

    (who else complains about being delivered a ready to sell product that walks out the door on day one demand is so high and guarantees a 200% mark up on trade price!?!?!)

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    We get a quid a rabbit head/chest shot frozen guts in. I'm sure I could look around and get more but I like the fact I can get in at 11pm and just sling them in the freezer without sorting them out!! Got 20 last night good condition full size so may actually be worth looking about I guess!!

    I saw a butcher advertising a brace of pheasants out Oxford way last week for 8!!
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    1-50 gutted skins on 50p if damaged cant give em away here.

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