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Thread: Vhit N160 for .375 H&H

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    Vhit N160 for .375 H&H


    Any idea as to the suitability of N160 with a 300gr soft point (not too fussed on head type so open to suggestions). Have a few Kilos of the stuff for the 300 WM and it would be nice to be able to use it on my .375.

    Many Thanks


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    Many Thanks


    Just looking at the Vhit reloading data ( ) it doesn't list 160 as a suitable powder for that calibre at any bullet weight.

    Hope that helps.


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    slower powders and standard barrels tend to produce fire breathing dragons

    I have moved up and down from N165 to N160 and N140 to N160 in other calibres

    only one way to find out but usual caveats of working up etc etc
    one issue with using slower powders and heavier bullets is the volume
    seat a 300gr deep in the case and you may not have the remaining volume you need for a decent charge (depending on calibre)

    I use N160 on .243, .270 and .300WM for the same reason you are after

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    Check out the Nosler reloading data on their website. It shows N160 as suitable for 375 HH. I've just bought a tub to try out in my 375. States 80 grains on a 260grn head.

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    Not what your asking but i run mine on H4895 if your gonna try a different powder !

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    N-160 is maybe a bit on the slow side for 300 grain bullets but it might work, you could run out of case capacity. I found best results with IMR 4350 and Varget but I can't get hold of IMR 4350 and I'm using N 150 as a good equivalent in my other calibers as I don't have the .375 anymore so something in the N-140 to N-150 range might be a bit better.

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    I've used N160 with the .375H&H.

    Case: Winchester
    Bullet: Hornady #37277 300gr FMJ-RN Encapsulated
    COL: 3.560"
    Primer: Federal 215 LR Magnum
    Powder: 75.0gr (start load 64.0gr)
    Velocity: 2420 fps (measured at 10' C)
    KE: 3897 ft-lbs

    I've also used N140 with 225 and 27gr Hornady soft points, and Blue Dot (a pistol powder) as a reduced load with cast lead 250gr bullets for practice.


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    Thanks chaps. Will CCI 250 Large Rifle Magnum primers be ok?

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