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Thread: Hampshire Police - THANK YOU!

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    Hampshire Police - THANK YOU!

    Well, what else can I say but "Thank You".

    After struggling through all the new forms I sent my FAC & SGC renewal off on Thursday 23rd January; it arrived at Police HQ on Friday 24th.

    My new FAC & SGC have arrived in today's post; they were issued on 27th January and in an envelope postmarked the same date.

    So in summary, 2 working days to turn around and 3 days in the post!

    Now that'll take some beating and really is a benchmark for other forces to follow I think.

    Well done and thank you again.

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    Quite an improvement, my last two variations took 7 months and 6 months respectively although the renewal last year was faster. Perhaps they've removed a blockage somewhere..

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    Sounds great, my SGC and FC took around the six month mark a couple of years ago, spoke to my local chap recently about a variation and said it has got quicker and the maximum time it can take is 42 days now. Must have sorted something out!

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