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    Dont bother mate was the reply i got today upon ringing my farmer to let him know i was going to pop down for a look round
    We have had a bit of snow and its freezing hard and i cant see anything showing itself today but its up to you he said.

    Dilema do i have a cossy romantic evening in with the wife in front of the fire or travel to deepest darkest dorset and sit in a highseat freezing my bl dy nuts off.

    No contest really and in under ten minutes the gear was stowed and i was in the truck and on my way only to find the nearer i got the thicker the snow covering was becoming.

    Aproaching my destination

    My view upon arrival

    After a quick coffee with the farmer and being told i had a cat in hells chance of seeing a deer today it was time to plan my tactics for the evening.

    My cunning plan was simply to try and find a clear patch of pasture with a minimal snow covering next to a highseat and sit it out.
    There was no point trying a stealthy stalk with every pace sounding like my daughter munching into a bag of crisps crunch crunch so the seat was to be my only option.

    After about an hour the cold was starting to bite with the stiffening breeze when to my right out popped a roe then another then another great i thought a chance at least.
    Linning up on the nearest doe i was all set to squeeze of the shot when out trots a rather nice fallow closely followed by 34 more inclueding 4 rather large stags.

    After thinking i was going to see nothing i now have 3 roe does 1 buck and 35 fallow all in one tiny field and a quick decision was called for with the site of those large stags playing on my mind.
    I usually allow myself one good stag a year and have so far declined to take one.
    Having invited a sd member down over the festive season to try for a fallow the decision was made to not be greedy and take one of the smaller prickets.
    Linning up on the chest i sent the 150 grain hornady sst on its way from the 30.06 to be greeted to the reasuring sound of a well placed strike and a dead beast lying on the grass.

    Heres the result

    Grallock completed and all abourd it was homeward bound to see the conditions hadnt improved

    It got worse

    Safely home my mate rang to see how i had faired and was surprised to hear i had had a result as he had declined to accompany me choosing to stay in the warm.
    Like i told him you have got to be in it to win it and we were not going to see any deer sat at home.

    Have a very merry christmas to one and all and i hope santa brings you what youve asked for, ive asked for a nice blonde

    Fallow of course

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    nice write up an pics m8 8) was worth it then

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    A most gratifying feeling that!, put the effort in & the gods usually smile on you!

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    Hi Rick

    Nice one mate, bit of "proper weather" this weekend, I went out Saturday morning delivering Xmas cards, venison and bottles to my farmers and to stalk for a Roe on the top of the Cotswolds failed miserably trying to stalk a frozen beech wood like stalking on cornflakes saw quite a few white arse's disappearing

    Sunday I took Andy up to a different part of the Cotswolds again delivering cards, bottles and venison saw a bunch of Fallow including a good buck, I shot a young doe to replenish the freezer.

    Moved to another bit down the road and spotted a Roe off the top of the valley and had a good stalk down the valley got within range to find her lay in the sun on the skyline

    Walking back we bumped another Roe out of a hedge got Andy up on the sticks a bit quick, i whistled and stopped it while glassing to see a young buck never mind next week

    You didn't sit all night for a Boar aswell then you getting a bit soft of what

    Were out this week on them, plenty of thermals I think we got a lot of activity this is a photo of one feeder and rub post yesterday morning

    On our other farm were are feeding maize in barrels on the floor in the last week they have actually destroyed the barrels we managed to repair them and top them up again when we were doing it a 150lb boar walked within 60 yards of us (no gun )

    The highest rub mark on the trees with beech tar on them was 36 inches high

    Atb mate


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    Quote Originally Posted by RICK O SHEA

    Dilema do i have a cossy romantic evening in with the wife in front of the fire or travel to deepest darkest dorset and sit in a highseat freezing my bl dy nuts off.
    Go stalking of course and get the wife to warm said bl dy nuts up when you get back home

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    Well done, mate. Happy Christmas to your and your family. Don't forget to let me know when you've got a bit of free time to try for a Wiltshire MacNab!

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    Hi wayne it sounds as if you are having a bit of fun up your way as well then, and this snow certainly makes it a bit more of a challenge.

    That is some serious boar activity you have got there i think you could be in for a bit of fun if they keep showing just remember to keep those feeders topped up.

    Last year mine run dry one night and the little devils bit the lids off metal bands and all with one feeder ending up 600 yards away in a ditch
    I did fit the scope mounted lamp and try an hour or two near a frequently used ride which the boar use to get from one wood to another but nothing showed.

    My solo boar rig

    Here is a picture of a boar slot i took last week its not very clear but i was loaded up with a large backpack, sticks, rifle ,night vision ,binos and a flask of coffee so i couldnt get down for a better picture without topaling over so i took it stood up.

    It doesnt look anything special but it was only a few hours old and nearly as large as the base of a can of coke i will try and take some better pictures next time and put something next to it for a scale

    Its been a bit slow so far this season what with all the rain we have been getting well apart from that embarrasing incident last week which i told you about but i am still on par with last years records so cant complain.

    Speak soon

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    Thanks moonraker68 pm sent

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