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Thread: Cut pads

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    Cut pads

    In the past my I've taken dogs to the vet with cut pads, but always been told that they don't treat them, just to keep it clean.
    My Chesapeake has a small (4mm long) but deep (maybe 5mm) cut on a pad that doesn't seem to be healing, if anything it is opening up more. Its clean enough and there's no sign of infection but it looks worse now than it did a week ago when he cut it.

    Any thoughts?


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    I'm fairly sure that there will be a reason not to do this, but in my ignorance in the past with a plethora of russels etc, after ratting weekends there were many eyelids stitched & feet were often subject to damage some of these deep cuts on pads we cleaned & immeadiately closed with superglue (a two handed job btw), this wound was carefully monitered a couple of times daily for about a week, if weeping/heat/swelling was noticed the wound was soaked as for a wicklow (ouch!) dried & repeated gluing if required, didn't get any feet dropping off I'll wait for a clout from Morena now!

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    my lab gashed the main pad on one of his front paws open on some glass buried in some boggy mud down by the estuary, it was side to side (about an inch) and about 1cm deep (a little bigger than your dogs admittedly).

    The vet cleaned it out (full of silt and grit), she didn't stitch it because of the angle of it into the paw, it was about 45 degrees. Some cotton wool between the toes (or whatever they are called) and then all wrapped in bandage. he did try chewing it off until i put one of my socks over it all and selotaped it to his leg to stop it coming off. it did smell after a while as he licked the sock and i hadn't washed it before i put it on him.

    his walking was limited for a week and the bandage covered up when it was wet outside.

    After a week it was near enough healed, enough to take all the bandages off.....i only have limited experiance of this sort of thing but i would suggest that you make sure its clean and limit the walking on it, if necessary stop your dog licking it. try and either glue up the wound or bandage it for a few days until its healed enough for light walking on.

    fingers crossed all is well.

    Regards and have a good christmas


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    Keeping it dry is probably the best way to promote healing. It's a bugger to manage at this time of the year, but cut pads tend to open up everytime the get wet (including when the dogs lick them!).

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    My lab has had loads of nasty cut pads all I do is keep it clean with a bit of warm salt water a couple of times a day until it is clearly on the mend then I just leave him to it.



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    both my two suffer cut pads regularly.
    I salt wash them, dry them and spray them with an iodine spray.
    if they are still bleeding, I bandage them and put an old sock over them.
    keeping the pad dry and reduced exercise seems to be the key to an early recovery

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