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Thread: Nite site spotter

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    Nite site spotter

    Was wondering if anyone has experience of the nite site handheld spotter. If so how did you find it

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    Had a look through one at a nv demo, really impressed with the zoom magnification an the clarity with no need for any additional ir only draw back is the size and weigh! It's very very very BIG and cumbersome if u plan to carry it as a spotter when out on your own. Pretty expensive as well compared to some of the smaller digital spotters like the recon.

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    How much is it costing

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    Im pretty sure it's about 900 and the recon is about 350ish

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    I use a Spotter regularly, and it's undeniably an unweildy, modestly ugly, slightly heavy, and a bit too bulky "police radar gunesque" piece of kit, but don't let that put you off, NOTHING comes close to the performance at long range it is undeniably an awesome product for the right application.

    Skip to 22min 44sec.

    Being able to zoom in on a fox at 200m and fill the frame with its head for detail is unlike anything you will use hand held.

    Of course it begs the question, do you NEED 20x zoom on a spotter, but for wildlife observation and security yes, for vermin spotting, probably not as although it has a TRUE 400m detection range, it is a bit overkill in terms of IR and zoom capability and has the tendency to light your face up a little too much.

    My own choice of kit for the money is a Recon 550 (the 750 new model has upgraded laser IR built in) with the X850 IR illuminator.

    We are actually doing a "show deal" at the British Shooting Show on the Recon Long Range kit for 389.99 which you can order online now as a Stalking Directory member.

    Granted it is 4x mag with a manufacturer detection range of 300m (which in real life equates to a usable 150m recognition range) but it is small, compact lightweight and ideal for spotting.

    Buy Pulsar Recon 550 Long Range Night Vision Kit - shop at suppliers Scott Country

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    Nice video guys.

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