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    Smile sako.222

    Ive been offered a Sako A1 in .222. and it comes with a straight stock ( for me ) and the current owners really nice walnut lefty thumbhole. hmmm. anybody got an idea of how much this could be worth. pointless keeping it if I could claw back a bit of cash eh?

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    i may have read this wrong but are you saying that someone has given you the rifle for free and you want to sell it?

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    I read it as he has been offered the rifle(to buy) with a standardish stock and a leftie one that he wants to sell(the stock that is)?

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    my apologies. perdix translation of my post is correct.
    Its a lovely stock. Makes me want to shoot southpaw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    i may have read this wrong but are you saying that someone has given you the rifle for free and you want to sell it?
    What on earth would be wrong with that anyway ?

    A decent left handed walnut thumbhole is going to be an easy 200 - 250 worth anyway surely

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    So is that a left handed walnut stock for a right handed bolt action rifle?

    As a leftie I am always on the look out for left handed rifles/stocks, but choices are limited. So your LH stock would be of interest to the likes of me, but I presume that there are not all that many Sako A1's out there in the possession of lefties so demand might be a bit low.......not sure, just guessing.

    I tend to price things cheap when I sell, can't be bothered waiting ages for them to go, if at all. So I'd say min 150 to sell sharpish and up to to 250 if you can be bothered to wait or possibly a bit more if it really is a nice custom stock and you can find a keen buyer. Look at Guntrader and Gunstar, or even Evilbay, all have stocks for sale and you'll get an idea of prices off there.

    I managed to buy a SH LH McMillan for my Tikka 590 for 225 - took years to find one admittedly!

    Best of luck with the sale if you proceed with the deal.


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    cheers haggis. im going to try it on gunstar. it is a nice piece of walnut for sure.

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    Could the thumb hole be re shaped for right handed use?

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