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Thread: Swaro Porroprism

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    Swaro Porroprism

    I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of new green rubber armoured 8 x 30 Swarovski Porroprism Binos.,

    They are a military spec. (individual focus rather than central wheel. Also have a graduated reticle in the right eyepiece.)

    Are any Forum members using Swaro porroprism binos for hunting and can they offer any feedback?


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    I have the 7x42 Porro prisms, green rubber armoured that have the central focus wheel. Mine were made in 1996 and I bought them second hand about 2001.
    They are truly excellent and particularly in low light, when they are always brighter than any roof prisms that I compared them with and that includes all the top makes.
    They are lightweight, robust and never fog. Old fashioned in looks maybe but I lost interest in fashion about forty years ago, so no problem there.
    They can still be bought new for less than 1K and the last time I looked, a pair like mine were 750 to 800.

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    I still have my 7x42SL's from when they first became available and still going very strong.
    Had them serviced by Swarovski (in their 25yr warranty?) last year (not that they had been abused) and just as good as the first day.
    My 'back up' pair are Zeiss Victory 10x?? - tells you the 7x42 live with me.

    Cheers, L

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