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Thread: Sika mating

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    Sika mating

    I know sika mate with red deer, but do they mate with fallow? I say absolutely no, but a fellow stalker is adamant they will mate with fallow deer.

    any thoughts??

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    He's smoking the crack pipe if u ask me.

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    Wont produce offspring but I am sure desperate stag can mount anything

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    With Fallow I doubt it !
    However, Reds are Cervus Elaphus , Jap Sika are Cervus Nippon Nippon , same Genus .
    A local park had Fallow and some Jap Sika, there was no interaction.


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    They can't successfully breed with Fallow,

    I seem to remember reading somewhere in Norma Chapman's fallow deer about rumoured red/fallow hybrids. She says it can't happen and the rumours are a loa of old ********. Although I don't think she worded it like that.

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    Ive been keeping fallow and sika herds in the same paddocks for over 20 years… No cross breeding yet !!



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    Thanks fellows , exactly as I thought but the guy was adamant

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    He should stick to singing (badly) then and not get involved in deer breeding.

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    What the hell does Adam ant know about deer anyway? He's a bloody musician!

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    Beer me to it woodmaster

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