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Thread: Dl go's to the hill

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    Dl go's to the hill

    DL: Level two just about in the bag . He now knows why men in hairy tweed suits stalk hill reds ,you've just got to know your limitations and how far away the road is lol (2 mile drag) . The calf was put in my Roe sack reason its missing the sticky out bits .An excellent day a Roe doe , Red hind and calf

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    Sounds like a brilliant day. Welldone. Shot my first red hinds (2) last week. Still buzzing.

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    "Make the bad man stop"!

    Errm, Thank you.

    Bit of a change from coming off the ground with 35lbs on my back.

    I'll need to forget that drag pretty quickly if I'm going to get back into the saddle over the holidays.

    Deer management never stops.

    Anyway, good banter yesterday, Thanks once again, Danny

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    That drag rope, set up looks the job. Is it home made, or bought? Thanks.

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    that looks like donkey from shrek yes the kids force me to look at it well thats cristmas dinner sorted have fun be safe

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    Duncs like all most of my kit its homemade ,its a 1 inch nylon tape with a loop eye in both ends . I have wooden toggles that fit into the loops to save wrecking your hands when dragging , the loops fit onto a drag bag i have for pulling behind a quad never had it with us yesterday the snow made it easy to drag the beast .

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