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Thread: new A.I.M green cheekpiece!

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    new A.I.M green cheekpiece!

    new aim cheekpiece,green right handed 30 posted

    The AIM tactical cheekpiece is a must-have item for any shooter.

    Made from heavy duty Cordura, the cheekpiece sits saddle-like over the rifle butt and secures by two adjustable velcro straps. On one side is a zipped pouch for small items, such as lens cloths, mobile phone and ammunition. The outer skin of the pocket is velcro-covered and two ammo clips are supplied that just stick onto this as required (one bullet clip is made to suit 308 and above and the other for 223 downwards).

    The Tactical Cheekpiece has a raised cone, giving better head/eye riflescope alignment. On heavier calibre shooting, the Tactical Cheekpiece absorbs some of the recoil sting and has smooth, neoprene-style material for comfortable cheek contact.

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    sold pending the usual!!

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