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Thread: Exceptional Red stag. "Ramrod"

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    Exceptional Red stag. "Ramrod"

    Hi, guys - I have mounted some pretty big stags this season - just thought you might like to see this fine guy. I nicknamed him "Ramrod" - I think he would have ruled the roost wherever he went.... Cheers, Bill

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    What a great beast !! And fantastic work too well done
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Beautiful work bill
    regards pete

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    Great work, are you aloud to say where it came from.

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    Park or wild? A beauty either way


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    That is a magnificent Stag I would love that on my wall.
    well done Bill.

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    Lovely work but I am guessing not a native of the area in the background. Can you say which general area (country even) and whether wild or park?

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    Many thanks for the kind comments guys - I thought you would like that one. The points growing up from the brow points are the best I have ever seen. 21 points in total. Not local, English counties....Cheers, Bill.

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