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Thread: rifle build

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    rifle build

    thinking of getting a rifle built in 6br by a friend just wondering what standard action i could use or will i have to go down the custom route.

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    Think you have a lot of options fella.. Any short action with a standard bolt face would work. Just depends how much you want to spend!!

    My advice (FWIW) is if your new to the calibre and want to try it, build it on a tight budget, then if you dont like it you havent got a load of money tied up in a custom rifle that you cant shift or can shift but lose a lot of money.

    I would suggest going down the remington stainless action route. Why? because theres huge amounts of after market stuff for remingtons.

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    Ive built a few 6 Br's on Tikka 595 / 590 and Sako 75 actions, they feed well enough.

    I wouldn't use a Rem action unless you propose to use an adapted AICS mag system (by adapted I mean the feed lips modified on the mag)

    If you go down the single shot route, any action would suffice.

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