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Thread: L200 cam belt

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    L200 cam belt

    The old 03 L200 is due a cam belt should I be getting anything else changed whilst it has the bonnet up before I ask the garage for a quote .any help would be appreciated .
    cheers Norma

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    Norma,apparently the l200 has two belts that need replacing,I was quoted around 250, to 300 pound.
    Also from what I understand one pulley has a bonded seal,if this has gone,or about to its goes up to 400.

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    Had mine done last year and replaced the water pump and all other belts at the same time. Cost of the parts was minimal and all the labour is covered by doing the timing belt more or less.

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    Water pump, balance shaft belt and the other belts while theyre at it.
    Parts are very cheap and hardly add any time to the job of changing the cam belt.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    All the belts and the bottom pulley, it can delaminate. Don't use an after market bolt for the pulley they are crap, buy a genuine mitsy one


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    any moveable/wearable part that has to come off to do the timing belt (s)........ assuming you have a decent garage and not one that wants to charge you labor on each individual part......

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    Cheers just going to ring round for s now

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    360 and 380 all belts and bt pulley so far .another garage to phone in the am .

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    Keep us posted norma,going to have mine done soon,Tony,

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