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Thread: Nissan Pathfinder?

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    Nissan Pathfinder?

    Does anyone outthere own/run a Nissan Pathfinder? I am looking to change my Nissan D22 pickup in the near future, I have been and still am pleased with my D22 Navara, but want to update a bit, I've had a test drive in one, and it seemed ok, but me being me would like to get an opinion of someone who uses one, it will be used as my everyday vehicle, work, towing, deer stalking & lamping,pigeon shooting, lugging kit and dogs x 3, 60/40 on road/off road, good choice or not? My D22 is very reliable and runs like a dream, just fancy a change.

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    Yes, I run a Pathfinder!
    Its a great car, with huge storage space, very good for work and also long way travelling, just comfortable and relyable.
    For me, using the big Diesel engine, its a bit too high on Diesel....
    It needs about 11 Liters on 100 Km.
    But if looking for a car this size and abilities, there arent too many other, and even cheaper options...
    For your work and hunting options, I would stay with a pickup, that keeps all the dirt outside and by using it 40% offroad, the more comfortable driving is not this not this important, but thats only my personal opinion...
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Not owned one but had 2 at work which were very good EXCEPT for 1 major safety issue I found with both of them (they were about 2005 model)
    Set in 2WD, wet Tarmac, at a junction waiting to turn left into National speed limit traffic. Saw a gap, left lock on, hit the gas and pulled out, RNS wheel slips and computer over rides 4WD system & engages the 4WD but in LOW ratio, now can't accelerate over 15 MPH. But into 60-70 MPH traffic.
    Both went back to Nissan but the fault was never resolved.

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    we were looking at pathfinders a few years ago..... real nice and drove nice with real good customer reviews but was just a little too big and the fuel use was just too high for a daily driver. Settled on a KIA Sorento for quite a bit less money and uses about 9 liters of diesel per 100km on the autobahn... Think the most it has used was 11 liters and that was on a tank that was measured pulling a fully loaded 2 horse trailer and used as a chore vehicle (short trips over access roads and pastures....

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    Thanks for your input gentlemen, I think I am going to look around for another pick up,maybe a D40, had a go in a Toyota and was not impressed, havn't made my mind up yet, there is no rush, as I have said the D22 is fine, just a bit bored with it and thought somthing with a bit more comfort and cabin room might be nice.

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    I REALLY like the look of the pathfinder
    one in my street that I struggle to walk past without pausing

    few issues listed on the web but a lot of them seem to have been very individual and fixed on newer models

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    I had a 2007 pathfinder for a couple of years and I loved it. Very comfortable ride as a family car and on the motorway, heaps of space, plenty of extras (GPS/Reverse camera etc) and reasonably good off road too. They can be thirsty but all in all a cracking motor in my view. The only reason I sold mine was that my business mileage was on he up and I really needed something less thirsty for the amount of miles I was doing in it. I'd have another in a heartbeat as I think they are a great compromise between family car and shooting bus. I bought mine for 14K with 30,000 miles on the clock and sold it two years later for 11k with 70,000 miles so it kept it's value nicely.

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    I have a 60 plate one I bought new, I needed 7 seats and towing capacity so it was a toss up between a disco or the pathfinder and at 12k cheaper and far less horror stories I went with the nissan. My impressions are that it drives well on the road and has good acceleration for a vehicle that size and it has all the electronic bits such as gps and reversing camera but I will say that before it had AT tyres on it it was useless offroad whereas a disco still seems to find grip with road tyres. Now I have put AT tyres on it it is good allround. Another issue I found is it eats tyres but that might be just the way I drive it

    I know my year model had to go back for a recall and have the rear diff replaced which is something to check has been done

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    good but very guzzly on diesel

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    I had one for three years, it was a fantastic car. Top of the range, full leather, with
    every conceivable extra.. loved it, but with the ever increasing price of diesel
    and road tax of over 400 a year it had to go..

    Now running a family car and I have a Jimny for my extra curricula activities .
    Don't half miss the Pathfinder mind you.

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