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Thread: New member on East Sussex/Kent Border

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    New member on East Sussex/Kent Border

    Hello, having used info from many of the topics that other people have written and responded to I thought it time to join the site.

    I live on the Kent/East Sussex border and have had my FAC for about 2 months. What a nightmare it was to get it from Sussex even with 1000 acres of cleared ground, a DSC level 1 and proof of 10 accompanied stalks with pictures of deer shot?!

    I have just bought a Browning X Bolt in .243 and am yet to christen it although it is well run in! I have also been granted a .308 and haven't purchased one yet but am considering getting it varied to a 30-06 as I have boar on my ground.

    I have shot birds with shotguns since I was a wee nipper and have been stalking for about a year now. I rarely pick the 12 bore up these days, I guess stalking does that to people.

    I am going boar shooting in Germany from high seats under the moon over new year which I am excited about. They have told me to bring my .243 and they have said many people shoot boar out there with .243's? Apparently it is legal if the bullet delivers more than 2000 Joules of energy at 100m which a 100gr bullet does from a .243 but I am not sure I feel comfortable about it. Having read the posts on this forum it looks like .270 is the minimum anyone would suggest.

    Be interested to see what anyone thought about this.



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    Welcome to the site.

    243 for Wild Boar, hmmm probably a bit light, and if you have them on your ground on the border of Kent and Sussex you will need a minimum of 270 to keep local plod happy.



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    Thanks for the response.

    I thought a .243 seemed a bit on the light side, luckily I have been granted a .308 on my ticket so I will use this in the UK for boar. It is heaving with Roe at the place I am going to in Germany (have been before) so I will take the .243 for that.

    What are your thoughts on .308 vs 30-06? for boar in the UK?

    I would be very grateful for some advice.

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    welcome to the site skb,if you take a look around you will find a section for wild boar,you will get more response to your question if you ask there mate.all the best and merry xmas

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    Thanks chaps I have just found the area on boar and very informative it is.

    A merry crimble to you too!

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    My personal choice is to take a 30.06 over a 308, but that is my persoanl choice. You can do far more hunting in various parts of the world with a 30.06. and up load and down load more. But if you are going to France neither calibre is allowed (at least I think this still applies)



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    Hello SKB and welcome,

    If you use a .243 beware in Germany it is forbidden on all boar even piglets.
    Minimum is 6.5mm producing a residual energy of 2000 joules at 100 metres.
    I am based loosly in Dover and am getting a boar permission near you in the new year.
    But I live south of Nurnberg most of the time.

    Weidmansheill for your upcoming German trip

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    Thank you very much, that completely answers my question. I will take the .243 but use it only on Roe and borrow the 8x57 which has been offered to me to shoot the boar! I will send a full debrief of my trip once I return.

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    new member

    Welcome to the site!

    SSHH dont tell everyone about the boar we have down here they will all be migrating south

    ATB Steve

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