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    For Sale: Custom Actions

    I'm now importing McMillan and BAT actions.

    Long / short action
    Range of bolt faces
    Range of styles and models

    I will be doing some testing work with two Uk Gunworks built - McMillan action rifles (details to follow)

    Meanwhile I'm going to the British Shooting Show at Stoneleigh Warwickshire - if you want a closer look.

    Message / email me for a price on a specific action

    Express Rifles
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    how about adding a trade membership buddy that may well help keep the post on the forum

    which models bats are you importing as im after a ds ppc bolt face and a mb oct 308 bolt face
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    I thought I was a trade member - need to see if it's run out tomorrow.

    I have several VR spiral .308 bolt face, A single shot cheytac, A single shot 3lug dual port (left feed - right eject)

    McMillan G30's - various including one left handed

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