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Thread: Leica Geovid HD-B review

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    Leica Geovid HD-B review

    a slightly different kind of review for those who are interested
    Leica Geovid HD-B Review |

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    Thank you for posting this, remarkably detailed review, now lets see who thinks the Zeiss are comparable!!


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    Leica are very big players in the surveying market, and I would hope that this would transfer over to the rangefinder products, some of the technology must be similar. A good review, I'd like to see more if these types of reviews for optics generally.

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    Timely as I’ve just got back from having a second play, after a few months gap, with a pair of 10X42’s in their Mayfair Boutique.

    My thoughts now are:

    1. Love the firm and zero free play focusing wheel but not, surprising, its position as would prefer it a little further forward as per my Duvids.
    2. Nicely balanced in the hand
    3. Not too heavy
    4. Would love them to be offered in green
    5. Found the non perpendicular readout in the right eye irritating!
    6. Can’t see you will need it but they range below 10 yards whereas the old model doesn’t appear start much before 20?
    7. I attempted to compare lens quality and had a pair of the old 8X56’s in my other hand but in truth I couldn’t discern a difference in image crispness or brightness. I was however reminded that 8 power makes it easier to discern fine detail as I could read a cafe menu at 20 yards at this power but when switching to 10’s I could not without using a support.

    Unfortunately Leica would not let K take a pair away for in-the-field weekend testing!



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