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Thread: Top end fixed mag

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    Top end fixed mag

    Hi all

    Looking at investing in a high end fixed mag scope
    Thinking S&B classic 8x56 ir with L3 ret. Any other suggestions?
    Will be mounted on a 6.5x55mm and 95% shooting done in woodland or woodland perimeters
    Looking for something with the best light gathering properties possible

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    Re s&b, german or hungarian and why?

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    i have a swaro z4i 2 12x 50 and if i was changing i would go back to a 7x50 zeiss illuminated,

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    If you want the absolute best glass possible then you need either Zeiss or Nickel. Nickel are big money and not easily found 2nd hand if that is how you were looking to buy.

    I shoot sika in commercial forestry with my 8X56 S&B and I've always decided that it is no longer wise to shoot before the scope has left me unable to shoot.
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    Ziess , Swarovski and S&B all have superb scopes in the 8 mag range.

    My personal pick would be Ziess - but in truth there is very little in it.

    Nickel are superb scopes and on par with the best - However if you ever want to sell - there usually a lot of blank expressions when the name Nickel is mentioned.

    The resale value will be well below the other top 3. Meopta 7x50 are good - I have had several - TBH, if you after the best, then take your pick from the top line on this post

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    I use a 7x50 meopta at present, great scope, but no ir and sometimes struggles with croshairs in very low light

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    Any of the top three s&b swaro zeiss 6x42 8x56 7x50 I currently use a 7x50 diatal zeiss with the illuminated dot, but as mentioned there comes a time late in the evening with the risk of losing a beast the shots just not worth it, so in reality any good quality fixed power will do the job just fine.

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    FWIW my 5 pennyworth.

    I bought a Docter 8x56 in 30mm tube with IR last year, thanks Big Kev

    What an amazing piece of glass!

    The little blighters can't hide now!

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    unashamed plug for a sale I just posted in optics
    8x56 S&B german 1" tube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fursty Ferret View Post
    Re s&b, german or hungarian and why?
    Only German available with ir which is what you mentioned

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