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Thread: 8-32 unc screw / grub screw

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    8-32 unc screw / grub screw

    Hi there, has anyone got a unwanted / unloved 8-32 screw or grubs screw of approx. 1" in length that they would be prepared to donate to my cleaning kit ?

    I have looked on the net and can't get anything close to it. Nearest i can find is to purchase a full adaptor from pro-shot and remove the said screw from there



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    Try here bud failing that cromwells,atb wayne
    Steel Grub Screws
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest, John Forsey sports

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    Have plenty pan heads but only 1/4" and 1/2" long

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    All sorted now gents - thanks for the links

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