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Thread: My Trophy Journey

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    My Trophy Journey

    Some of you will have seen my thread earlier this year about the Heym SR44B that I bought. I have since had the chance to put a nice scope on it as I didn't have the funds when I bought it and then rings to suite. The rifle is now complete apart from a few knocks and scrapes that it has that I intend to get sorted over the summer when funds allow.
    So now with the rifle in full working order and load found it is time to use it for the reason I bought it for, trophy hunting.
    Before anybody says "that's not proper deer management, shooting trophies". For the record I do more than my fair share for Deer Management as I have around four hundred deer that I look after each year, and have done for about ten years. So now I have decided to spend a little, once or twice a year, buying a trophy here and there around the country and getting out and about and seeing a bit more of the world.
    So here we go. Trophy Number 1.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hope to be able to report back with a Muntjac later in March.
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    Very nice. Is he a wildie from the borders or down in englandshire?


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    promising opening chapter!

    Lovely rifle and a cracking beast.


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    Well done you! Its nice to live a little every now and then. Lovely buck as well...

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    Nice beast Paul, and an artistically posed photo. Looks like a beautiful rifle - fantastic figuring on the stock.

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    That's a fantastic buck and rifle. What calibre is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by novice View Post
    Very nice. Is he a wildie from the borders or down in englandshire?

    Hi Novice

    It was from Englandshire

    Quote Originally Posted by gurus5000 View Post
    That's a fantastic buck and rifle. What calibre is it?

    It's in 7 x 57

    Thanks for the other comments, as said, it's nice to get out and about and live a little. I'll post some pics once I have had the work done on the stock later in the year. Should bring the stock out even better,



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    Nice new toy, great looking and a cracking buck, well done and Waidmannsheil!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Just like everybody else here, very envious of rifle and buck. Bloody well done you. I hope you shoot many fine trophies and garner many fine memories. Keep us all posted. I did go away down into the dark depths of deepest Englandshire a couple of months ago looking for a big buck, but the strong winds had caused a lot of damage and the beasts had moved. Not comfy with their environment at that time. I spoke with the boss the other day and he says they have pulled back in and he's seeing a few about. Maybe next time.

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