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Thread: Dipping my toe into PCP air rifles

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    Dipping my toe into PCP air rifles


    Having lent my trusty air rifle to a young lad some time ago, (and if truth be told, not wanting to ask for it back as I know he uses it regularly and can't afford one of his own) I have been planning an assault on the ever growing rat population at my chicken run. This could be a good opportunity for me to dip my toe in the water of a PCP rifle. I'm talking sub 12 ft lb here, something light and small ish so that I can use it to teach my little boy when he's older. A friend has an air arms s400 with charging gear, and I can use this so I was hoping that something like a S200 might fit the bill. Does anyone have any advice to offer? I'm hoping the charging gear is the same on both rifles to make life simple. Any comments would be appreciated.

    many thanks

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    S200 or maybe a Brocock contour or BSA Ultra for the lad, about as small as the rifles come without mad prices. the charging gear is all the same, bottle or pump you should get a fitting for the rifle that attaches to the whip on the bottle/pump.

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    Are PCP's every "Light" ? I have a weihrauch 100 (and very nice it is too) butI don't think any of 'em are light.

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    They can be good fun and obviously at the right range accurate. Just the job for what you have in mind I'd say. They're much quieter than a springer especially with a moderator on. There are some good smallish air rifles, I bought a Webley Lite that is good and compact, don't know if they make those any more though.

    You could also get a stirrup pump for it. Never stuck for compressed air then although pumping it up is, um, good exercise.

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    I'd say a Mk1 Air Arms S210 (the one with a 10 shot mag conversion) would be perfect mate. I had one for a while and was a great lightweight rifle and very light too. Picked mine up with a scope & slip for 250 off a lad at work so they are out there for not much money.

    A mate had the BSA Ultra which has a funny cocking method and would be a bit of a faff for a young un to learn with I think,


    Can't imagine this is still for sale but shows you what's out there mate

    airarms S200 Mk1 .177 Air Rifles For Sale in Wiltshire :: GunStar
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    I have a BSA ultra in .177 it's very compact, quite light, cheap for a good PCP and i can rabbit out to 60 yards if i need to. I get about 35 shots per fill.

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    mine is very light, much more so that my mates Theoben gas ram
    its a Falcon FN12
    get a stirrup pump
    takes 2 mins and you will never run out !

    I love mine, very quiet, zero recoil, perfect holding of sight picture (not so easy with a big springer)
    totally strippable with excellent trigger
    ridiculously accurate
    plinked the first three without really holding or trying standing at the back door in the dark!
    realised what i was capable of when I saw the group and held a bit steadier with the new zero (first one looks bigger as I marked the holes with a pen)

    all in it cost me around 275 for rifle, scope, pump, sleeve, spares, pellets etc etc
    some real bargains out there, never going back to springers now

    my son was 8 when he first tried it, found it very light and easy to use

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    I would say bsa ultra as well, there is a new one with a normal bolt cocking mechanism or the older ones with MMC cocking action which I actually like and mine has will be cheaper.

    Pellet on pellet all day long at 40yds - mine has shot a hell of a lot of bunnies.


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    have a look at the gunpower stealth, lighter than the air arms ,taught my boy to shoot with it accurate light hunting rifle. and easy to crank up the power to fac.

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    As you mention it in you opening post..... the AA S200 would be a perfect gun for both you and the boy to use..... it comes recommended by most of the writers in the airgun mags... as a lightweight hunting / plinking rifle... in either of the calibres.... 177 or 22


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