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Thread: Hultafors craftmans knives

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    Hultafors craftmans knives

    I had to go into town today to pickup some spares for work, needed a new chain for the sthil and a few other bits and bobs, fatal almost as bad as going to the gunshop, I always come out with somthing I never went in for. Today was no different, I noticed that they had a small selection of knive's in a display cabinet, now I don't really need a new knife, I have a nice collection of twenty plus knives, I have used all of them, some are better than others and one or two are favoured for different purposes, but you know how it is,you cant resist having a look can you?
    Anyway I ended up buying a Hultafors craftmans Knive, 5.50+vat, so cheap as chips, orange plastic handle, carbon blade(Jap steel) plastic sheath, similar to the Frost type, anyway I got a new toy, hopefully I will be able to try it out next week, with luck I will get onto a Muntjac or Fallow.
    I'm really looking forward to getting out with the new rifle, Sako 75 .308cal, semi custom, border barreled, bedded and moderated, 8x56 S&B.
    I'm not usualy the sort of bloke that gets that exited, but I have to say that secretly I am a little, be nice if the hunting gods are on my side and it all comes together and I get to try out the new kit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by navaran5 View Post
    Now I don't really need a new knife ...............................
    Relax, its been proven there is a knife gene so be assured you’re in fine company and its simply not your fault.


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    they are good trw wholesale flog the range here ,so when i go for new tools for work i cant help myself.i now have the blue,the grey and the orange 3 decent knives for under 20 quid and they dont appear to have been noticed by her indoors when checking receipts LOL.there seems to be a torch gene as well i appear to have 3 headtorches and several others in toolboxes ,cardoor pockets and gamebags
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