Quad Bikes And Vicious Dogs Used By Hunters..

Front page Bournemouth Echo..

"The sick craze of organised Deer hunting by gangs using vicious dogs and quad bikes has broken out in Dorset..

The illegal blood sport has sickened countryside wardens.

Deer expert Sam Hamer, of Dorset Wildlife Trust - the organisation managing 40 county nature reserves - says more than a dozen deer may have been killed at Purbecks Tadnoll and Winfrith Nature Reserve..

There have been four or five incidents he said.

The gangs turned up in the early hours with vehicles,trailers,dogs and quad bikes..

Sitting on the hills with torches when they picked up the deer the dogs were released.

In some instances carcasses which had obviously been attacked by dogs were found..

A knock on effect is the fences are often cut and the gates left open , putting the reserves conservation livestock at risk..

Currently the problem seems to be moving from site to site along the South West..

Sadly my home town seems to attract more than its fair share of poaching problems.. I believe there are currently five designated Police vehicles patrolling the Purbecks..

And only a few weeks back the Police aprehended a poacher on Holton Lee..