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Thread: stock for weatherby vanguard

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    stock for weatherby vanguard

    Hello i have boyds laminate semi inlet stock for weatherby vanguard its forrest green one i bought it for my howa1500 thinking it will fit but it doesnt the stock needs finall polishing and coats of oil or whatever you like to finish it off it will darken,spaces between action screws are 21 cm will check if anyone needs it,also standard hogue stock for howa( green one).would like to get 80 pounds for weth. and 25pounds for hogue.thanks for looking.

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    if the howa 1500 green hogue is 25 posted i will take it - thanks - please PM me

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    it was for my 223 so short action i think let me know what mesurments would you like wil get them.

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    just check boyds its long action one will doublle check when i get home

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    If the Boyds is long action I'll take it.

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