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Thread: Interesting gun shops, M6, M40 corridor

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    Interesting gun shops, M6, M40 corridor

    Later this month, two friends and I are off to Twickenham for a rugby match, travelling from Cumbria. It's a bit of an annual trip. But we're going down the day before this time. Much more relaxing. Which means on that Friday we can take our time about travelling and we thought we could break the trip up by visiting a few gun shops.

    First stop could well be Malmo Guns, just five minutes off the motorway in Lancashire. But where else? Anybody got any ideas for somewhere to go perhaps somewhere in the midlands and/or perhaps somewhere else nearer London? Ideally not far off the M6/M40 corridor.

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    Could try another couple in Lancs - McAvoys in Standish just off M6 and Bamfords in Eccleston (mainly shotguns) - can cut through from Standish and sneak back onto the M6 via the Charnock Richard services - i.e. via the service road. Dead easy loop off the M6, if you know where you are going!

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    Oxford gun company near Bicester M40 j9 worth a visit, look on website

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    Thanks folks, a few to go at there.

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    Emmett and Stone in little Marlow just off of J4 on the M40 is excellent and very friendly

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    McAvoys - at Standish, Wigan 5 minutes off the M6 junction 27 (I think)

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    Norman Clark and Rugby Gun shop. One minute apart in the car so you could do both in one stop.
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    Norman Clark in Rugby?

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    Brock and Norris?

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    +1 on mc avoys side of jct 27 m6 and bamfords same jct head for eccleston 2 mins from jct.

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