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    Hi Chaps i have a 6 year old springer ive had a gap in shooting for 3 years ,so we have been out twice i n cold wet weather when he comes home he is quite stiff in the rear end. i remember grey hounds suffering with this in 8 bend races. Hes a tad bit over weight as am i, Ibelieve it is somthing to do with the blood , if anyone can help please hes a great dog cheers Rob. Could it be lactic acid.
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    I used to shoot with a mate's springer and although he was super fit he had the same behaviour. I used to sit him in front of the fire and give him a good massage - seemed to help no end.

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    The dog needs checking by your vet - no questions. It could be a lot of things, but work on some weight reduction and getting the dog fit for next season.

    Still needs checking.

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    Cheers for the info have him booked in the vets 10 am , hes eating and drinking thanks chaps. rob.

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    Problely going to sound funny but take him swimming a few times son get the power back in leg muscles

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