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Thread: Amazing new product for stalkers

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    Amazing new product for stalkers

    Anyone heard of sugru? Awesome stuff for putting custom grips on your gear !

    what do you think ? Cheap , durable , and fun !

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    it actually works
    the power lead on this laptop split...guess what... better than tape ;-)

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    Yep being using it for a while and it comes in really handy.
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    I've had a five-pack of black in the 'frig for 4 years.

    Used the first 4 years back to fix a Bose headset frame. Still holding.

    Used the second to smooth off the broken handle of a kitchen knife last August. Been through the dishwasher 30+ times. Still good.

    The stuff is not perfect - but I look forward to the next time I need it.
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    Interesting. I need to fix a freezer drawer. Might be worth a punt.
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