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Thread: Apel ring question.

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    Apel ring question.

    I have a very nice Voere Titan II in 243 Winchester caliber. Living in Colorado, USA I am used to In. measurements not Metric. I was just taking off the rings tinight and found 3 torx screws in the front ring with one allen Wrench. the rear ring has 4 allen wrench screws in it. I have to anticipate some fat fingered person replaced the metric with Inch screws when they lost them.
    What is the proper screws for the rings. Apel rings and swing out bases with 1" 4 screws on each ring. The rear screws look like they are similar to 6x48 " screws. I anticipate I will have to tap the holes to clean them up and would like to have 8 new torx screws to replace with. I would sell the rings if there is someone is interested in fixing them up.
    Thanks for listening and hope you can help.
    Tom Jansen
    Castle Rock, Colorado. USA

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    Cant answer your question, but I think New England Custom Guns are the importers in the US who would be able to help you.

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