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Thread: Vortex optics

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    Vortex optics

    Does anyone on here use vortex scopes on there rifles, just wanted some reviews ,if they are any good for full bore rifles,glass quality etc

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    I was told they had a life time guarantee even if you dropped it!!!!!

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    My dad has one on a 270 (viper pst 4-16x50). It's a good scope for the money very good clarity in the morning and evening. Best of luck if you decide to purchase

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    I have a Viper PST on a .20 TAC and I don't think you will go wrong. To be honest though the turrets can get knocked a click or two out if you are carrying it on a sling but if you get zeroed and reset the turrets you can see at a glance.

    Having said that it is a minor detail and I certainly wouldn't change the scope based on this. Clarity is good and it seems good under the lamp. I am very pleased and when i need another scope it is likely to be another vortex.

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    I have a Razor HD 5-20x50 and a Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP and am very happy with both. The 0.1 MRAD clicks do exactly what they say all the time, and the FFP reticles are well scaled for use across the magnification range (though the PST's is a little better at the top end and not quite so good at the bottom end than the Razor's).

    I don't think anything comes close to beating the Viper PST at the price, and I have to say it gives little away -except perhaps in ruggedness- to the Razor.

    However, I wouldn't pick either as a general stalking scope as the Razor is too big and heavy and the PST's lack of capped turrets counts against it (even though the zero-stop makes it easy to do a quick reset).
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    Good optics.

    Viper HS models are some of the best value scopes available. The warranty is simple and good - if broke, ever, they fix or replace - no registration, no receipt, no fuss.

    Bino's worth a look as well.

    Only caveat - at the very top end they are into 'known' make prices, but are less likely to hold value there - just an opinion.
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    One of the shooters in our club got one on his 308 he uses at 1000yds, looked good when I looked through it,5.5-20x56 razor I think

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    Great optics, a friend has a few of them including one on his .50 cal and has no issues with them at all

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    I've got a pst 6-24x50 FFP on my tikka 223 super varmint. I've been through a fair few scopes and can safely say i will be putting vortex's on all my rifles (other than my stalking rifle). The MOA clicks are spot on, the zero stop isnt exactly a zero stop as it still travels 4 moa past zero, this comes in handy though if you want to dial down that extra bit! I'm absolutely chuffed with mine and it definitely won't be the last one i buy!

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    Just bought a Viper PST 6-24 FFP Mrad from Riflecraft. Very happy with next day delivery by RMSD. Price seems ok for the features.

    First impressions are very good and certainly seem to back up the recommendations both here and on the web. It is a large, heavy scope and not really suited to stalking BUT I purchased this model to allow occasional long range play with the Tikka 695. A Third Eye rail and weaver mounts will allow me the flexibility to quickly swap it out with a field optic as required.

    Zero stop system, excellent clicks and a very useable reticle. Illumination ranges from very dim (really useable in low light) to 'scorch retinas in day-light'.

    There have been suggestions that at 6x mag, there is a bit of constriction of the FOV - cannot see anything untoward on my model and the glass seems bright and the P/A gives a razor sharp focus.

    All in all - very, very impressive for the money. It is not a PM2 - but long range is not my real forte & I could not justify dropping that amount of cash on a scope that will get five or six outings a year.

    I would guess that a 4-12 x 40 illuminated reticle with BDC or option of capped turrets could well make for a very flexible stalking/med range scope. Will have to have a look at the Vortex line-up and see if anything fits.

    Otherwise - RECOMMENDED


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