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    Most wanted

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ID:	37453This one had been eluding for some time, a nice big dog fox everytime that our paths had crossed previously he's always been fortunate enough to be in an unshootable position, down wind of me or hiding in the hedge! A lady phoned me late last year & said that she had witnessed a fox chassing the chickens around in her yard, everytime i went over i saw a large fox in one of the surrounding fields which I believe to be this one. funny thing was once i started showing my presence around the area it did seem to stop bothering her so much. I hadn't been over there for several weeks so thought i would have to try and pay a visit on one of the next dry nights, it's been a bit tricky lately what with work commitments & things, however I arrived home the other evening to find a letter from the plod giving me clearance on the neighbouring farm for my 243 which i currently have my Photon mounted on ( only been waiting 18 months for this mind!) so Thursday night i called over for a stroll, straight away shinning from the silage pit there was a pair of eyes at the top of the field, waited and watched for a moment... it was a cat! proceeded to lamp the adjacent feilds & giving a few squeaks, nothing! then my lurcher managed to pick up a rabbit, laid low for 10 mins shinning around from time to time, nothing doing.. walked 50 yds down the field shone over a low hedge & there he was! and there he was gone...
    let things settle for five then headded in his direction.. 2 fields later there he was hiding in the hedge again right down the bottom of the field, so i tucked in tight to the edge of the gateway, turned the lamp off, swtched Photon on and watched him for a few mins, he must have thought i had gone as i watched him climb out the hedge around 200 yds away! he made the mistake of heading across the field and slightly in my direction.. before I knew it he was 100yds away with a great backstop behind him and with the aid of the support from one of the rungs of the gate the shot was on... moments later he was swallowing one of my 105 Amaxes.
    Have to admit he was in great condition! but thats another one off the list for the Photon!

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    Well done. It almost seems unfair to use night vision but I guess that it has changed foxing big time, especially the lamp shy foxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    Well done. It almost seems unfair to use night vision but I guess that it has changed foxing big time, especially the lamp shy foxes.
    Thats what i was thinking to be honest. we do have a lot of technology at our fingertips these days. can't bring myself to get an electronic caller.. just think it would be tipping the ballance too much in my favour, taking a bit of skill away from things.( not criticizing anyone who uses one mind!!) it's a personal thing! but i have to say that i did get a bit of a buzz watching him through the NV!

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    Depends if you are looking it at it from a "sorting a problem out" or a sporting point of view I suppose but it is something that I will certainly be looking at investing in at some point.
    Very nice write up BTW

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    Always good to have a challenge
    Great write up to,
    Ps how do you know its the same one lol

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    Well done. As I cover so much ground (pushing 40,000 acres) and it is very tough to work due to the hilly terrain and masses of cover, however, I am very much in favour of using every possible drop of technology to help me on my way. I use NV, thermal imagers, electronic callers, and would not hesitate to use anything else that gave me an edge.

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