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Thread: Are these weaver rail bases??

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    Are these weaver rail bases??


    I'm looking at a scope that comes with rings that will fit weaver rails. Have I got weaver rails here?!?!

    Thanks for any help


    Click image for larger version. 

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    that looks like a swing mount (?)... You can git a picatinny rail to fit but expensive and makes your scope set a bit higher... You should be able to get the rings to match your bases tho... Maybe Recknagle?

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    Weaver rail mount - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    These bases or similar will be required in order to mount your new scope - Warne 2 Piece Steel Weaver Style Bases Browning T-Bolt Anschutz 824 824 | eBay

    My preference is to fit a Picatinny rail to my rifles.



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    get a one piece rail to screw direct to your action preferably

    and get rid of those horrible Apel swing off mounts, terrible things, truly dreadful... I will dispose of them for you, just post them over!

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    thanks guys - now I've shot a few deer with it, it's probably time for me to start learning a bit more about my kit!

    discovered it is a model 1900 monte carlo Husqvarna yesterday, which I didn't know as it has no model number on it. and apparently highly accurate so I must do some more range work to see the best I can get out of it.

    Until now I've just been happy it does its job!

    does a swing mount allow me to use the irons then?


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    yes... you should just have to move that little lever and you can swing the scope sideways, swing it around about 90 degrees and you can slip the frt mount out....

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    does it work? Why change it? If you really don't like it, just pack it up along with the little dude and send them to me.... Guarantee he won't be bored and we'll send him back when he is a teenager.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essexsussex View Post
    Thanks Daven

    Whilst we're at it, anyone know what this scope is likely to be? no makers name or country of origin, came with the rifle and didnt even try it before i bought it as I wanted a vari.

    My new stalking buddy showing the scale!Attachment 37473Attachment 37474Attachment 37475
    Edgar Brothers logo on the cloth?

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    Cloth borrowed from my opti mate!

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