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Thread: Hello from Bestman

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    Hello from Bestman

    Hi Guys,

    I've been stalking for three years now. I'm very lucky to have two pieces of ground in Hampshire. I shoot 120g BTs out of a Tikka 6.5 x55 it was my first centrefire and I'm only just realising what a great set up it is. I recently bought a Sako .308 in case I ever get a chance at a piggy. The forum is an excellent resource. Many thanks to everyone taking part and the guys who set it all up.

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    Welcome to the site, yet another Hampshire dweller.....

    I have just started stalking, having taken my first roe this weekend with a member off this site. I also shoot a 6.5x55, well i am yet to use it in anger as it were, as i've only just bought it.

    Enjoy the site, it sounds like you already have a good idea of what it has to offer. I've managed to get plenty of info off here.

    Have a good christmas and new year, ATB.


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