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Thread: when will it end!?!

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    Angry when will it end!?!

    Bit of a rant now! Why is it that I work up a nice load, right bullet, right powder, right primer and the results are just what is needed. ie accurate.

    Happily head off to all local rfds over a period of time to discover that I can't get ANY of the components! Even on back order my bullets have not appeared after about 5 months wait! Powder can't be found in the flavours I need, and primers are like rocking horse **** to find. Even when I choose a different brand of component, that inevitably dissapears as well!

    For god sake! It takes half a box of bullets to get the load right (not to mention the aforesaid powder and primers, not to mention the wear on the brass!) and then you can't Get any more of them.


    Who needs to ban firearms in the UK? The hoarders in america are making it impossible to use them over here anyway.
    I hope the millions of rounds under their beds last them their lifetime or ast least until they get over their Obama paranoia cos this is just silly now.

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    Hi Druid.
    What are you looking for? Forum members are pretty good at helping out in one way or another.


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    It is a pain - it took me a while to catch on that all the whizzbang components that made every load on the internet perfect and every deer drop in its tracks were sod all use to me if I could only ever manage to buy one box of them. Now I try to go for "common as muck" on the basis that I can usually get it even if it takes a little while.

    Look at bringing your bullets in from the USA, for a start, as that should help with supply problems. At the minute there isn't much advantage in price but being able to select nearly any bullet and have it in your hand in 2 weeks is great.
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    It happens here too. That's why I buy bullets by the 1000 and powder by the keg. I can always find a good load in some combination. ~Muir

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    [QUOTE=Yorkie;727134]Hi Druid.
    What are you looking for? Forum members are pretty good at helping out in one way or another.
    Yes they are, but it is the sheer frustration of getting enough to keep you ticking along without knowing if or how far you may need to travel to get some more. Then hornady have stopped production of the 75gn vmax to keep up with demand of other bullets! Sierra seem to be doing the same.
    I don't shoot as much as I used to, god knows how I would manage if I did?

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    According to the dealers I've spoken to in the US this week, the problem isn't the fault of US hoarders - the problem is that the US Government is hogging a lot of mainstream ammunition manufacturing capability and ammunition component maker's capacity to replenish their supplies and the limited additional capacity of US made goods goes to supply the much bigger US domestic market first. We will always be a very distant also ran!

    Apparently, other than Hornady running a restricted inventory, C/F rifle ammunition supply is back to normal and the primer / powder / bullet supply for reloaders will now follow - although actual restocking of retail stores takes time. Pistol ammunition still remains in short supply in the US while the Government shops and everyone is complaining about the shortages of .22LR ammunition.


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    what do you need powder and primer wise ?

    got CCI 200 LR primers powder got H4831 N560 H380 if that helps you get out of a buggers muddle ?

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    Well that's funny as I found 2.5 boxes of 75gr v max yesterday cleaning my ammo cabinet out
    if you have real probs getting hold you should give avtab a bell at reloading solutions in kiddlington oxford Home - Reloading Solutions Limited - The Uk's premier source for Precision Reloading Products
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    Druid, you need to maybe go European? eg Ramshot / Vhit for powders and we need to plague Kranks to import some basic Privi soft points for starters?

    Sellier and Bellot could be another avenue but again not found any here?

    Much the same here at times, a very frustrating situation but I am sure the RFD's don't order enough continually from the States due to spiraling cost and delivery.

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    I heard through the grape vine that the yanks are buying up all the European reloading stuff aswell

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