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Thread: Introducing a Cornishman to NZ

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    Introducing a Cornishman to NZ

    I had the pleasure of taking a visiting Cornishman (and SD member I believe) on his first NZ based deer hunt on Thursday last week.
    We drove down to the mighty Te Urewera park with a plan to walk in to a DOC hut and spend fri/sat/sun hunting the valley.
    I stuffed up and mislaid my rifle bolt, so had to backtrack to base, which wasted a bout an hour and a half for me. Anyway, Cornish John and my usual hunting partner headed off without me. They rested up after about an hour before changing places, with John taking the point.
    5 minutes later, and John stopped in his tracks and quickly set up his improvised shooting sticks (a very unusual sight in NZ). The Browning 243 that he has borrwed for the trip lets rip, and seconds later his very first NZ Stag is laying dead about 100 meters away.
    I had since caught up with the guys and heard the shot when I was just a minute away, and I was keeping my figers crossed that he John had been on the trigger.
    After some high fives and congrats, we got the animal boned out and set off with extra heavy packs on the next part of the walk to the hut, about an hour and a half away. My pack with some of the meat weighed around 25/30 kg so the hut was a very welcome sight.
    We didnt get onto any other animals, although plenty around. Then the rain set in, and we made the decision to head out early in case the river came up and stranded us. All in all, a great trip, if a bit short.
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    John lining up on his stag (unfortunately obscured by a tree)

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    Looks like another lad enjoying this fascinating countryside!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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