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Thread: S&B Got dust in

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    S&B Got dust in

    I bought a new S&B approx. 6 mounts ago, it was very difficult to got hold of, as some may know S&B are not pumping to the Uk, i believe there is a large military contracted, that has to be consented on.
    Any how looks like i have picked up some dust related **** inside it, i will call my supplier tomorrow to see how i stand but will it be cleaned out or replaced, and if replaced how long will i wait as will be lifted without my beloved scoop for some time, or will that let me go on with it until a replacement is provided. Any feedback would be grateful.

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    Are you 100 percent sure it hasnt been there all the time and you havent noticed it til now, maybe spray paint from manufacturing process, if it was ok then its static dust is on your etched recticle now, I think the name of a optic specialist is paul burke,30 to 40 quid fix,1 or 2 week turn around I believe, I bought a scope off here with static dust in, so said immaculate condition but thats another story.hope this helps, atb swaro
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    Yah inside for sure but i got it form new 6 months ago just trying to find out S&B policy as it cost a arm and a leg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotdog View Post
    Yah inside for sure but i got it form new 6 months ago just trying to find out S&B policy as it cost a arm and a leg
    Email them and ask, but I'm sure they will fix you up ok.
    Sabine Brandt:


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    If it has dust in from new it will not fog on the inside due to the nitrogen filling ! If its new dust you have lost your Nitrogen, so unless it has had some damage S&B will repair or replace.

    They are very good !!!

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    Thanks thats a great help just hope they have a replacement if theta the way forward

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    Put the scope in the fridge for an hour an see if it fogs up inside

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    I had a spec appear on the inside of a S&B recently. The shop I purchesed it from originally (several years ago) sent it back to S&B.
    Came back fully serviced FOC.

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    brought a brand new s&b zenith ill it had white cotton inside the lens . kicked up a stink with York guns and they replaced it

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    That gives me confidence will let you know how i get on.

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