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Thread: Napier apex predator

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    Napier apex predator

    Am thinking of buying a roe sack and was wondering if anyone has used the apex predator and whether it's any good or should I go for something like the harkila roe sack.

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    Stan. My Mrs got me one for Christmas and I've been pretty chuffed with it. That said, I only consider myself a recreational stalker and don't shoot that many. If was stalking day in day out, I might want something a little more robust. Best of luck


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    Thanks for posting your views on the Napier product

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    I am also looking for a roe sack, and would be interested to know what you decided to buy. I quite like how compact the Apex predator is and its versatility. Have you looked at the video of it on youtube?

    My other option for a roe sack is the Kammo roe sack, as I will be able to fit two roe in the sack as opposed to one in the Apex. The downside of the Kammo and the other roe sacks for me is that they seem quite large and could get snagged on trees through the woodland. I look forward to hearing what you bought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scotsgun View Post
    Mate has one. It's like a utility belt that opens up into a roe sack. To be honest, it's a bit crap. In belt mode it is bulky and overly high. When opened out its quite weak; the outer material is quite thin and only really good for carrying mid sized roe.
    He's already had it replaced once as one of the snap buckle things broke. One of the prong things broke off.
    Just found this on another thread regarding the Apex Predator roe sack, thought that it may be useful in making a decision.

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    Not decided yet but feedback from others suggest better off with a traditional roe sack, will have a look at the different options at one of the shows

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    I have a Apex Predator roe sack and think it is great. light compact and very versatile. Yes you can only fit one roe in the bag but it comes with two bag liners so when you have got one deer you can put the other liner in he bag and out you go again. Plus all the other zipped pockets you can fit mostly everything you will need ie knifes, gloves what ever you want to put in to them. And if you don't get a one you have not been carrying a big bag around with you that gets in you way. So saying that I would recommend them.

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