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Thread: Swazi Micro Driback Pants- Large

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    Swazi Micro Driback Pants- Large

    For sale is a swazi micro driback pants, colour tussock, size large.

    Link to RM site: Swazi Micro Driback Pants - Tussock Green, Outdoor Trousers and Shorts or swazi site bit cheaper but obviously import and tax pushes it about the same price as the RM website: Micro DribacksĀ® - SWAZI New Zealand - The world's most durable clothing.

    They have had a professional repair to the crotch area, it was a small tear, and has been tripple sewed by a seamstress close up picture attached of this repair. The waterproof bottom has not been affected by this it was just on the fleece. They have been worn, not new, but not extensively wornAttachment 37502Attachment 37503.

    I am looking for £60 delivered, o.n.o.

    Please pm me if you want them.

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    I will have them, you have pm

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    Sold to that man!

    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    I will have them, you have pm

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