Took the new (to me) BRNO 22 for a walk today up one of my permissions. I always go up for a stalk but havent had alot of luck lately, but always seeing a rabbit and plenty of squizzers about so thought it would be perfect to give it a try.

Up I go and decided as alot of the hard going cover has finally died back to walk the opposite end of the farm I normally go, I set off and after about 10 mins of climbing a muddy bank, only managed to set 4 fallow foes out of some ferns about 50 yards away and to rub it into my face, they spot and linger about 70-80 yards , with a lovely steep bank as a backstop behind them ... just knew I should of taken the bloody 243!!!

Oh well, cracking to see them anyways, and going out with the lamp tonight so hopefully manage to bag a bunny like I wanted for the pot