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    Magazine Springs

    I'm having problems picking up the last round from the mag of my CZ .17HMR. It looks like the spring is getting a bit tired, despite religiously cleaning it and unloading as soon as I finish shooting, it is a few years old and has seen a lot of service. Does anybody know if it's possible to get replacement springs?
    I've been on the CZ site but no joy, a new metal mag is about 27 euros but there must be a block in place because it won't let me order anything, even non-firearms related items such as key rings or calendars won't go in the basket

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    Edgar's may be able to find you a spring if you call them.
    As for the CZ factory shop. works ok for me
    Be warned though, the postage is more than the magazine.


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    Cheers, I'll give Edgar's a call and try the CZ site another time, it may have just been playing up when I tried it, it was really slow!

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