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Thread: Interesting video comparing digital night vision

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    Interesting video comparing digital night vision

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    Good comparison test Morgy.
    Been thinking about a Yukon for some time, looks great value for money.
    Thanks for the effort.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I have a Photon on a Steyr Scout in .308. great bit of kit.


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    i have a photon and was lucky enough to be one the first ones to get it when it first came out, i have the mods on it ,ie the adapter off someone on another forum and the doubler,couple it up with a t-20 torch and you wont get better for the price,cracking bit of kit


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    The video is Marky610 he is on here he also dose the mods for them. What would of been nice to see is the N750 with doubler fitted same as the drone as it's doubler fitted. Photon with marky adapter and yukon doubler is very good for the money also T20 ir needed as the onboard ir is sh*te.

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